Which is the Best Bowling Machine in India

Cricket in India is much more than a game. It is actually a revered sport with a humungous fan following. There are millions of cricket enthusiasts aspiring to play and also represent the country in cricket. While cricket sentiments run high during cricket matches, the internet also resonates the same sentiments apart from being filled with queries on how to become a cricketer in India. The answer to a question like best bowling machine? is not easy as it is a cumbersome and tedious process.  

In order to overcome the painstaking process, it would be rewarding if one can start by practicing the game. What better way can you practice playing batting on your own bowling machine. Many ardent cricket fans miss the correct practice of working on their technique. Topscore’s Vibo helps you to face any and every kind of delivery which will hone, train, and improvise your batting skills. Practice after all does make a person perfect!   

Topscore’s Vibo is one of its kind in the world outdoor cricket bowling simulator operated by voice & tab. Bowler animation on the screen allows full control over body, hand-eye coordination & footwork, triggers body movements at the right time which is crucial for a batsman to time the ball & improve the quality of a shot. The batsman gets the same feeling of facing a real human – bowler when he/she is facing Vibo!

Few comparisons between a human bowler and Vibo:

Human Bowler Vibo
Line & Length not consistent Precise deliveries each time
Limitations in throwing speed Limitations in throwing speed. Non-stop!
Limited energy needs rest Unlimited energy day & night
Prone to injuries & complication Absolutely no down time
Dependency on a fellow bowler 24x7x365 days, your bowling mate
Left/Right arm bowlers required Multiple animated bowlers


Traditional ball throwing machines shoots the ball instantly and the batsman tends to react spontaneously resulting in improper timing and playing the shot in the wrong way. Vibo bowling simulator is much human where the batsman may control the machine the way they want ex: in swing, out swing, short pitch. 

The machine can be set in a pre-programming mode, which is compatible for hard and soft balls, suitable for indoor or outdoor environments. The simulator comes with 50 auto ball feeder, multiple bowler animations, and various models to choose for all age group and levels. This machine is undoubtedly the best bowling machine in India and is undisputedly way different from other ball throwing machines.

Other USP’s of Vibo which make it the best bowling machine include:

  • Plug & play, no setup required
  • Easy interface
  • Shatter proof front glass
  • Blue tooth integrated Siemens technology 
  • Micro controller based
  • Actuator ball delivery system
  • Heavy duty motors

Practicing specific shots require precise bowling and a bowling machine could deliver better than any human could. Gives you the flexibility of place and time without depending on anyone else. Practice unlimited to become a good sports man and a better batsman with Vibo. At a small age you can’t expect to face bowlers at speeds greater than 120 kmph. With Vibo, you can practice up to speeds of 180 kmph. Adapting to pace bowling at a young age will definitely help you prepare for the future.

Topscore, the sports science company was incorporated with a vision to apply science to the domain of sports, help early-stage and emerging athletes and build tomorrow sports legacies. A bowling machine helps you with: improving your batting; improvising on your weakness; correct feedback from coaches; independent practice; exposure to pace bowling. Improve the coveted stroke(s) to become a master blaster! Dream to be a professional cricketer only with Topscore’s Vibo – the ultimate and best bowling machine in India!


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