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Cricket is a much-followed sport in India with a huge fan following for the players and the game per se. It is a sport that necessitates the usage of a bat and ball. The game involves two teams that include 11 players each. The main objective of the game is to score the maximum number of runs. It is played on a pitch and a surrounding oval ground typically hosted in a stadium. 

The game is famous not only in India but also has popularity in other countries including England as well. There is tremendous scope for those who pursue the game as professionals as they earn well enough. Cricket has various formats with each format sporting a different set of rules and duration. Batting, fielding, and bowling are the various ways in which the game is played. 

Although hockey is the national sport of the country, it is cricket that is popular among the country’s citizens. It is like a religion and the players are given celebrity status or demi-gods. It is one of the most-watched sports in India and people skip office, school, and colleges to watch the matches live. 

There are many of us a majority of the Indians who would love to play the sport at international, national, and domestic levels. Although making it to the final squad is not a piece of a cakewalk, training for making your way into the team is of paramount importance. One way is to improve your batting by continuously practicing your techniques of batting. A bowling machine will help you with your all-around holistic training to hone your batting skills.  

To grow as a professional cricketer specifically as a batsman, practicing specific shots and a bowling machine could help you achieve your dream cricket role. A bowling machine, like Topscore’s Vibo gives you the flexibility of time and place without depending on other sports colleagues. The key to becoming a good athlete and a good batsman/cricketer is to face pace bowling at staggering speeds of 180 kmph. 

Topscore’s Vibo is one of its kind in the world outdoor cricket simulator operated by voice & tab. Bowler animation on the screen allows full control over body, hand-eye coordination & footwork, triggers body movements at the right time which is crucial for a batsman to time the ball & improve the quality of a shot. The batsman gets the same feeling of facing a real human – bowler when he/she is facing Vibo!

Vibo can be set in a pre-programming mode, which is compatible with hard and softballs, suitable for indoor or outdoor environments. The simulator comes with 50 auto ball feeder, multiple bowler animations, and various models to choose from for all age groups and levels. This bowling machine is the best bowling machine in India and is undisputedly way different from other ball-throwing machines.

Few comparisons between a human bowler and Vibo:

Human Bowler Vibo
Line, length, and speed not consistent Precise deliveries each time
Limitations in throwing speed Limitations in throwing speed. Non-stop!
Limited energy needs rest Unlimited energy day & night
Prone to injuries & complication Absolutely no down time
Dependency on a fellow bowler 24x7x365 days, your bowling mate
Left/Right arm bowlers required Multiple animated bowlers


USP’s of Topscore’s Vibo include the stellar features: Plug & play, no setup required; Easy interface; Shatterproof front glass; Bluetooth integrated Siemens technology; Microcontroller based; Actuator ball delivery system; and Heavy-duty motors. This bowling machine is just akin to a real bowler except that it is virtual in nature and the bowling deliveries are human-like. Train smart with the best bowling machine revolution – Vibo, and polish all those ingenious coveted cricket shots! 

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