Bowling Simulator vs Bowling Machine

Sports Industry found a lot variety of activities involving machines from the beginning till date. Manual activities are reducing and machinery activities are increasing a lot and the most important reason would be to decrease dependability and to save time. In the sports the performance improvement in a sportsman game is considered at every other attempt, here where machines have taken the charge and started performing as bowling machines that are surely fulfilling the requirements for all players, coaches and the sports venues to provide a good combination of practice along with a systematic learning techniques and venues infrastructure.

Bowling Machine in Cricket:

Cricket is a sport that is always privileged with the bowling machines that can give user the right order of development of the sports and the player. The whole bowling machine is an evolution of science because of the aerodynamics and mechanics involved in bowling. 

The main objective irrespective of whether the Bowling Machine is of one wheel machine, two wheels machine, and three wheels machines is to provide a batting practice accurate and consistent for cricketers of all standards and abilities. It has now become a boon for batsmen to master on different types of wickets.

Bowling machines are operational with concave wheels to catch the ball properly and avoid inaccurate throws, to perform multiple variations of bowling accurately and to keep the machine safely bowling when the batter hits the ball straight. Batsman can also improve the foot work by adjusting the throw speed, throw angle etc., of the cricket bowling machine.

The automated bowling machines are not only used by professional players, but sports venues has equipped them to provide for people who play at leisure times for entertainment and recreation. So, a huge market is out there for these bowling machines for different purposes at sport venues. With the strong cutting edge in physical, technical and software features equipped in the system, has led the manufacturers project a strong understanding and recognition of technology along with its appropriate uses.

Bowling Simulator:

The next generation of bowling machines are bowling simulators. Unlike bowling machines, bowling simulators are tailor-made in terms of their delivery pattern. You can change the line, length, variation, speed, bounce as per the user’s liking. With just the press of a button, the user can tailor his/her experience to their liking.

Right from setting up a training session to tailoring each ball to the batter’s liking, everything can be done using a simple remotely connected device like your iPad or mobile phone. Training has never been easier! What is remarkable about this type cricket ball throwing machine is that, they would be able to store data from every single delivery faced. This helps with a detailed evaluation of each training session.

This latest version of Programmable bowling machines can simulate Fast bowling, Swing bowling, Spin bowling, Seam bowling or Bouncers. As the saying goes, “Practice makes man perfect”; every athlete strives to improve his game. VIBO the latest version of bowling machine for Cricket is made in India for the world. The range of machines suitable for all age groups are available at Top score, with this automatic bowling machine. 

VIBO Basic is for the basic training and entertainment. Being a product designed for learning basics, you can choose to use during the Day or Night, both for indoors and outdoors as the brightness of the screen could be adjusted.  With a maximum speed of the ball ranging to 130 kms/hr, best suited to Starters too, as speed is manually controlled.

VIBO Pro is for professionals. With, 18 Ball Linear Ball Feeder and Remote Control for Line & Length feature, can be equally used for day or night, indoor or outdoor with Flood lights too.

VIBO Pro + is the ultimate bowling machine with advanced simulation features with fully automated, voice controlled deliveries using touch-screen. With a bowling speed of up to 150 kms/hr, it can mimic all types of bowling techniques that humans can use. 50 Ball vertical Feeder adds to the robust model. Left-hand animation feature of this version speaks about its versatile nature.


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