How is ‘VIBO’ different from Regular Bowling Machines?

In the world of bowling, there are two main types of machines that bowlers use, Topscore’s VIBO and regular bowling machines. If you’ve been bowling for a little while, you might already be familiar with the differences between the two. But if you are a novice and are wondering which machine is right for you, read on to find out. The first major difference between a VIBO and a regular bowling machine is that VIBO uses a standard bowling ball, while a regular bowling machine uses a specialized bowling ball. This is because VIBO is designed to be used with a standard ball, which is not as heavy as a specialized ball.

This is one of the most important differences because it means that VIBO bowling machines are not affected by the weight of the ball. The next major difference between VIBO and a regular machine is that VIBO has a single ball release for both the left and right lanes. For a regular bowling machine, there is a release for the left and right lanes, but each ball release is independent.

This means that for a regular bowling machine, you have to release both balls in order for the left and right lanes to be active. The final major difference between a VIBO and a regular bowling machine is that VIBO has a much shorter frame than a regular bowling machine. VIBO is designed to be lightweight and easy to carry and maneuver, so they are much shorter than a regular bowling machine.

The question of which is better, Topscore’s VIBO or regular bowling machines.  Well, undoubtedly it has to be VIBO due to the latest technology incorporated in the machine which includes the bowler animation on the screen, the human-machine interface that allows it to operate using voice or tab, which you don’t find in the regular bowling machine.  One of the most remarkable features is the LED display screen that is resistant to cracks or damage even when the ball strikes it. VIBO machines are also easier to transport and store.

The regular bowling machine shoots the ball randomly and instantaneously, not allowing time for the batsman to prepare for the shot whereas Topscore’s VIBO allows for full body and hand-eye coordination, and footwork which is extremely significant for a batsman to prepare and improve the quality of shots.

VIBO stands for virtual bowling. They are a great option for those who want to train hard and are passionate about the game.  You do not need huge space to have the machine installed, in fact, it can be placed in the backyard or even the rooftop of a building for one to enjoy playing the game. VIBO has various models each of which offer a different set of specifications that meet the user requirements. 

If you are wondering about the bowling machine price, then VIBO is designed in various models each unique and at an affordable price.  VIBO is a platform that brings bowling to the next level. It is a digital platform that has the ability to connect players with the best bowling experience. In addition, VIBO has a lot of things to offer for those who want to bowl. They have a variety of different options when it comes to their game of choice. It is important to know the difference between VIBO and regular machines before investing in one and if you are looking for affordable bowling machine prices in India then VIBO from Topscore is the one.


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