Disruptive Innovation: VIBO Bowling Simulator

The Hollywood movie, Any given Sunday, has a famous line – A Game of Inches! It can relate to Cricket. But how?

Cricket is definitely a game of inches, let me explain. If a battery has not timed the ball well and has fallen short by few INCHES to hit a boundary and is caught out on the boundary line. If the bowler is stepping few INCHES ahead of the crease, that’s a no-ball. If the fielder is not in a ready position, will fall short by few INCHES to reach the ball.

Those few INCHES surely matter! Especially for a batter, those few INCHES will define the time spent at the crease which will help in accumulating the runs.

Disruptive innovation describes innovations that make products and services more accessible, affordable, and available to a larger population. VIBO bowling simulator stands true to the above statement. Read through to know more.

Let us understand how the VIBO bowling simulator is helpful to players, coaches, and sporting academies.

For Players:

  • Train Smart: Every player strives hard to be the best. For a batter, the VIBO bowling simulator helps to stay in the right shape, improve the initial movement and play freely.
  • Focus on technique: VIBO’s smart machine makes it easier for the batter to play freely with proper technique and correct those errors in no time.
  • Convenience: Having a rational mind in training is a must. Training at a convenient time and the place will make it more interesting and impactful.
  • Time-bound: A batter can have a good training session in the limited time available and share the training outcome with the coaches in no time!

For Coaches:

  • Use of the right machine: Technology is part and parcel of a coach’s training methods, and the VIBO bowling simulator is a handy and must-have tool.
  • Focus on strengths: VIBO bowling simulator helps a coach to focus on the strengths and work closely on the flaws and develop the right technique for the players.
  • Time saver: A batter can play for hours together with the help of the VIBO bowling simulator and the coach can create different match-based scenarios according to the coaching planner with no interruption.
  • Positive learning environment: A coach can create a learning environment for any age group of players and share the feedback of the training almost immediately with the readily available data.

For sporting academies:

  • Use of modern-day tech: Every academy can make the most use of the VIBO bowling simulator by adapting to modern-day technology and creating a chance to learn the game in a fun and engaging manner.
  • Better reach: An academy can share the progress of the players on social media platforms and establish credibility.
  • For all age groups: VIBO bowling simulator built to suit all age groups and physical stature.
  • Ahead of the competitor: Every academy wants to cater to the large population and create more revenue, VIBO bowling simulator will be a standout tool and a fundamental change for the players.

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