Vibo Features


(VIBO SERIES) Bowling Simulator Vibo Pro+ Vibo Pro Vibo Basic
The most advanced bowling simulation machine with fully automated, voice-controlled deliveries using a touch screen/tab This machine is used by professional cricketers. Serious about Cricket? Go for it. Good for entertainment and basic training
speed maximum 150km/hr 150km/hr 130km/hr
inswing yes yes no
outswing yes yes no
straight bowling yes yes yes
spin medium medium no
tab control / phone control yes no no
voice control yes no no
right hand animation yes yes yes
left hand animation yes no no
50 ball vertical transmission feeder yes n/a n/a
18 ball linear ball feeder n/a yes n/a
6 ball feeder n/a n/a yes
day, night, indoor, outdoor, floodlight yes yes yes
soft, hard machine balls (80 to 160 gms) yes yes yes
machine height adjustable yes no no
random mode yes no no
screen brightness adjustable yes yes yes
manual control speed yes yes yes
manual control line and length yes no yes
shatter proof glass yes yes yes
remote control for line & length no yes no

Do not let your age be a limiting factor for upgrading your batting skills. Bat with VIBO PRO PLUS. It is a friend of yours for all age groups. It has a remote-operated adjustable height of 5.5 to 7.5, any individuals of any height can train their skills with Vibo PRO PLUS

With world-class technology, VIBO PRO PLUS can be controlled through tab or voice. You can customize speed, line, and length, set-in swing, outswing, and pace bowling.

VIBO PRO PLUS personalize the animation of the bowler. The animated bowler can either be a left-handed or a right-handed bowler. As per your own wish.

Every bowler has a plan to execute and as a batsman preparing for a match under different circumstances is of the utmost importance, VIBO  pro plus delivers the random ball to help batsman to fine-tune every scenario and well prepared.

VIBO PRO PLUS’s added feature, which makes it quite different are Plug & play and it is easy to operate, shatterproof front glass, castors & stopper for easy movement, Bluetooth wireless technology, microcontroller-based software. VIBO PRO PLUS’s Siemens technology and actuator ball delivery system and Heavy & sturdy machine structure.

Speed up to 140 km/hr. Inswing, outswing, pace & spin bowling.  50 ball vertical transmission ball feeder.  230v A/c 15 amps. Nett weight 80 kg. Dimensions: Max 87 x 24 x 36 min 55 x24 x36

VIBO VERSION Weight Works on Dimension
Vibo Pro Plus 80kgs 230v,a/c single phase 15 amps 76 X 91 X min165/max213(w.d.h)
Vibo Pro 65kgs 230v,a/c single phase 15 amps 76 X 91 X 213(w.d.h)
Vibo Basic 50kgs 230v,a/c single phase 5 amps 76 X 80 X 213 (w.d.h)